Sunday, June 23, 2013

Suspicious win for Betty Windsor at royal Ascot race

Whoa, let’s wait just a minute before we congratulate Betty Windsor on her horse’s win of the Gold Cup at the Royal Ascot Races! Skeptical minds need to take a closer look at this win when Betty becomes the first British moochocrat in 207 years of history to win the Royal Ascot’s biggest race & in a Diamond Jubilee year!

Those not afraid of Scotland Yard or Betty’s secret service need to demand an immediate investigation & the first thing that needs to be done is check out the feed troughs of the other competitors. Was there bribery or doping involved? Because even the trainer of Betty’s four-year-old filly named Estimate admitted her odds weren’t favorable in the race against 13 other horses. The trainer expected her to place sixth. Estimate’s prominence with the bookies was attributed to her ownership not her racing form.

Despite the fact that Phil, Betty’s “anus horribilis,” is home in Buckingham dying, nothing could deter our giddy-up girl from missing a horse race. It’s the only thing in life she shows any exuberance about & seems to be the only bond she shares with any of her relatives.

Betty usually hands out the trophy & the winner’s pot of £155,960 but this year Andy, her most corrupt & despicable son handed it to her. That’s another whammy fostering suspicions.

This is Betty accepting the trophy. Tell me this aint the face of greed!!

(Photo by Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse)

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