Monday, June 3, 2013

Israel's mainstream Channel 2 starts to question the two-state solution

What does it mean when the Israeli mainstream elite questions the two-state solution, which up until now has enjoyed practically unquestioned stature in Israeli society? An analysis.
Israel’s Channel 2 aired a lengthy item (starting around 30 minutes in) on Friday evening, asking a shocking question: Is the two-state solution still viable? This question is already a cliché among various shades of the Left. It started some years ago when desperate two-state activists hoped the Israeli public could be frightened by the encroaching concept of one state, to get a move-on with two-state negotiations. When that didn’t happen, a more heated debate took root, about whether to abandon the attachment to the two-state concept altogether in light of changing reality on the ground, and consider other models — usually some form of confederation. Neither of those angles has managed to generate urgency among either the complacent Israeli public (complacent at least when it comes to the conflict), or within the general public discourse.
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  1. They're working on the one state solution - Israel cleansed of goyim from the Nile to the Euphrates, with puppet states in the Arabian Peninsula.