Monday, June 10, 2013

Starvation in Afghanistan

The US-NATO war in Afghanistan has gone on for nearly 12 years with no end in sight--unless you believe Obama’s baloney about pulling out in 2014. They tout the US army role in liberating women even while the Pentagon stands exposed for turning a blind eye to sexual assaults on its female members. For evidence of that obscene claim, they’ve been pointing to the same beauty shop in Kabul where women who’ve lost their children, spouses, brothers & sisters, homes, mosques, schools, & fields can get their finger nails polished!

The war has created millions of refugees & massive homelessness; child labor is rampant because their labor is needed for survival when adults have been killed; thousands have had limbs blown off by land mines; thousands are subjected to drone aerial bombings; war crimes are routine. And now the World Bank reports that Afghan children suffer one of the highest levels of chronic malnutrition in the world. “Food insecurity” (that means mass starvation) is the most alarming in rural areas where 80% of the population live. As the BBC so delicately puts it: “The pressure put on natural resources has led to deforestation & land degradation.” Now what pressure would that be!? Atmospheric pressure or US-NATO bombing!?

Food is imported from other countries but prices have increased 60% per year for the past 5 years so people can’t afford to buy it. Once again raising the question of what the hell those thousands of NGOs & UN agencies are doing in the country? Meanwhile the CIA is trucking in bundles of cash to bribe government officials & flying out bundles of drugs to be processed & distributed. Feeding starving people is no part of the equation in the Afghanistan war.

These children are from Bamyan Province where many farm families are migrating to avoid starvation.

US-NATO out of Afghanistan! Bring the troops home now!

(Photo by Maria De La Guardia/Medair)

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