Saturday, June 15, 2013

Craig Murray: Preparing to Bomb Syria

"Quite simply I do not believe the US, UK and French government’s assertion that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against rebels “multiple times in small quantities”.  Why on earth would they do that?  The claim that “up to 150 people have died” spread over a number of incidents makes no sense at all.  In a civil war when tens of thousands of people have died, where all sides have been guilty of massacres of scores at a time, I cannot conceive of any motive for killing a dozen or so at any one time with the odd chemical shell.  It makes no military sense – chemical weapons are designed for use against population centres and massed armies.  They are not precision weapons for deployment against small groups."
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  1. The Russian President said that there are none in the G8 who actually believe that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons, with several sides agreeing with Russia that there is no data that indicates such things.

    1. Indeed. The string, as the French say, is just too thick. It's all made up as an excuse to intervene.

  2. You Got Nothing.
    Syria is not LIEbya.