Monday, June 3, 2013

Bedouin forced to live beside dump contract unknown diseases

Palestinian Bedouin rights advocate Eid Jahalin in New York City.
(Lucy Westcott / IPS)
UNITED NATIONS - For thousands of years the Bedouin people have made their home in Palestine. But for almost the last six decades, the Palestinian Bedouin have been on the move, repeatedly relocated to make room for Israeli settlements.
As the Bedouin fight to be recognized as an indigenous people by Israel, Eid Jahalin, 49, who lives near the Jerusalem area, is advocating for them. Jahalin believes that “land without people” is Israel’s sole focus, while the Bedouin’s vast knowledge about living in the desert, practiced over centuries and crucial to preserve with climate change taking place, stands to be lost.
Lucy Westcott spoke to Jahalin during his recent visit to New York City and the United Nations.
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