Saturday, June 29, 2013

And the plot against Edward Snowden sickens!

There’s a curious story being reported about Lonnie Snowden, the father of Edward. Our man’s an idiot, not worthy of his courageous son. Through his attorney he approached the US Justice Department--now actively engaged in annulling the Bill of Rights--to broker a deal to bring his son back to the US. Snowden senior, who admits he hasn’t spoken to his kid since April (three months ago & long before this story broke) says he ‘is reasonably certain his son would voluntarily return to the US if there were ironclad assurances his constitutional rights would be honored & he were provided a fair opportunity to explain his motivations & actions to an impartial judge & jury.’ Is he for real!? Does credulity come dumber!? Has patriotism made him stupid!?

He wants his son to surrender voluntarily to US jurisdiction because he has broken the law by releasing classified information & should face trial for espionage. He actually says he shares the government’s view that his son should be prosecuted. Snowden senior asked for certain guarantees: that the government not detain Edward before trial; that he not be subject to a gag order prohibiting him from speaking about the case; & that he be tried in a venue of his choosing. Does he want accommodations in the Ritz Plaza too? What planet is our man from!?

Turns out papa Snowden’s concern is his son’s association with WikiLeaks & Julian Assange, who he claims are just using his son for fundraising purposes. The legal counsel & travel expenses provided by WikiLeaks are part of a scheme to keep his son from “doing the right thing” by returning to the US to face espionage charges against him.

With several governments playing some kind of con job with Edward’s life, with his son sitting in asylum limbo in a Moscow airport lounge, this sorry-assed father dares to play Russian Roulette with his son’s life! That’s called treachery & the most shameful betrayal.

(Photo by Getty/AFP from USA Today video)

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