Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another jubilee for Betty!

Apparently another year another diamond jubilee for Betty Windsor! So what was that multi-million extravaganza complete with flotilla up the Thames all about last year!? Does Betty just never tire of fulfilling her royal duties of waving!? Isn't 60 years of that crap enough!? The whole crazy mutant clan led by Betty & Phil (her “anus horribilis”) arrived at Westminster Abbey for pomp, prayer, & continued commitment to sponging off the body politic.

They’re banking on the newest generation of WWWWilly, KKKKaty, & Hairy to add luster again to a discredited feudal institution but that just goes to show how they conflate a low regard for our intelligence with the groveling of the media. It’ll take a lot more than a guy with a toothy constipated grin, a mannequin, & a half-wit to make serfdom look pretty again.

(Photographer not identified)

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