Monday, June 10, 2013

Hebron man arrested for filing complaint about settler attack

Hebron (ISM) 8 June by Khalil Team -- Human rights activist Jawad Abu Eysheh [or Aisha], 39, was arrested Friday 7th June following a complaint he made four months ago about a settler attack. At 4:20 pm on 7th June, Israeli Police arrived at the house of the Hebron organisation Youth Against Settlements and demanded to see the ID’s of Jawad and three other men present. The police then told Jawad that they wanted to take him away 'for investigation', and called the Israeli military to escort Jawad away in handcuffs ... The line of questioning from the police made clear that Jawad was being detained as a result of events that happened back in February, when Jawad and other activists were attacked by American-born extremist Baruch Marzel and other settlers. Despite being a victim of that violent assault in February, it was Jawad who was subjected to arrest today, not the perpetrators. During his detention, Jawad was also forced to submit a DNA sample against his will, and to sign conditions that he will not speak with Baruch Marzel for the next 30 days. Jawad stated he is happy to comply with this stipulation at least.
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