Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Egyptian women cane morality police

Egyptian women lashing out at morality police, quite literally.

Vigilante gangs of ultra-conservative Salafi men have been harassing shop owners and female customers in rural towns around Egypt for “indecent behavior,” according to reports in the Egyptian news media. But when they burst into a beauty salon in the Nile delta town of Benha this week and ordered the women inside to stop what they were doing or face physical punishment, the women struck back, whipping them with their own canes before kicking them out to the street in front of an astonished crowd of onlookers.

Modeling themselves after Saudi Arabia’s morality police as a “Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,” the young men raided clothing and other retail shops around the Qalubiya province over New Year’s weekend declaring they were there to enforce Islamic law, according to the Tahrir News.

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(Thanks Abu Zuhair)


  1. Why are you promoting violence? Would Gandhi approve?

  2. Jesus would..He whipped the merchants out of the temple. Why can't brave women cane a bunch of salafist retards like yourself out of their way.

  3. I am promotimng standing up for oneself in the face of fanatacism.

  4. I am not a salafist retard. Some of your comments are mean. Why?

  5. Stop pretending to have such "noble" sentiments! We all know how how utterly base and disgusting  you are..

  6. Those are some courageous women.  It seems like times are really changing.