Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Egypt students protest “supporter of war crimes” Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman

CAIRO: Multi-award winning columnist Thomas Friedman was greeted in Egypt by protesters as he delivered a talk on the Arab world and Egypt’s revolution at the American University in Cairo (AUC) on Monday.

Protesters held signs showing children killed by Israeli attacks on Gaza with the question, “Why is a supporter of war crimes at AUC?”

Friedman, however, seemed unfazed and delivered a speech detailing his thoughts on the region and the recent revolutions.

He spoke about political Islam, separating between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, pointing out that Egypt is different “because there is no oil here.

“Tensions between political Islam and modernity can be offset by oil money in those countries … what will happen here will likely be different and more challenging.”

The New York Times columnist added that Egypt cannot ignore tourism, alcohol, bikinis. “They must all be addressed here … [because] they are economically important.”

Economically, he said the region, and Egypt in particular, faces numerous challenges in the coming months and years.

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  1. Please don't attack Friedman. He is very popular in the great superpower of India. He also has a lot of popular support in China.

    Friedman has criticized the education system and anti business environment in Egypt. He wants Egypt to become super empowered and rich the way Indonesia and India are becoming.

  2. Friedman is explicit about what he wants. His goal in 2003 in Iraq was to make Iraq like India. [Yes he really said this.] He also wants other Arab countries to become like India.

    Personally, since India is 86% nonmuslims, I think Malaysia/Turkey/Indonesia should be used as models instead of India. But Friedman is a big India file.

  3. <span>Because he's popular in India I shouldn't "attack" Friedman? Are you aware how moronic you sound?</span>

  4. In any case he loves Israel much more than India, you can be absolutely sure of that. He even loves Israel much more his own country the US.

  5. What a moronic discussion you're bringing about here. I'm really getting tired of your stupid comments.

  6. <span>Anan, please don't take this the wrong way but I'm starting to seriously question your brain development. Your comments to the Friedman post are so weird, awkward, if not outright insane that I, in the most amicable way I can put it, advise you to urgently get your IQ tested. In more than 6 years that I've been on blogs I thought that I've seen it all, but I've never seen anything like this that can only be explained by one of 2 things; it's either an act you're putting on or your brain has, for whatever reason, had an arrested sdevelopment at a child's stage. I seriously belief this.</span>

  7. <span>His goal in 2003 in Iraq was to make Iraq like India.</span>
    No Thanks anan and here is why:

    <p>Homeless children in Allahabad, India: India has an estimated 11 million homeless children (an estimated 100 to 150 million globally). A new Hunger & Malnutrition Survey says 42% of children in India under 5 years old are malnourished, underweight & nearly 60% are stunted. Homeless children work commonly as rag-pickers, sifting through garbage to collect recyclable material. They are seen alongside pigs & dogs searching through trash heaps on their hands & knees. Other common jobs are collecting firewood, tending animals, street vending, begging, prostitution, domestic labor. Poor health is a chronic problem since they live & work amidst trash, animals, & open sewers. They suffer from exhaustion, injury, exposure to toxic chemicals, muscle & bone afflictions. The hunger survey embarrassed the Indian government & the Prime Minister called it a national shame. He’s got that right because India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Somebody's eating well.
    <span>(Photo by Rajesh Kumar Singh)


  8. <span>"Thomas Friedman was given difficult questions at the American University in Cairo, follow it on twitter #AUC. Some of the questioned reported on twitter: Studenr : why is the american attacking nuclearization of iran yet support israel Friedman: u support israel, do u think u would be welcomed here to preach us on democracy?. Audience applauded!"<img></img>The Angry Arab.</span>

  9. Why are you trying to be hurtful?

    Thomas Friedman is right on clean technology, globalization, the flat world, Big Data analysis, developing countries, free trade and many other issues.

    He isn't only popular in China and India. He is popular in many Asian countries and Africa and Latin America and even inside the US.

    You have to look at him in the totality.

    He is also a patriotic American who loves his country. How would you like it if someone implied that you weren't completely loyal and patriotic towards Australia? To accuse him of serving Israel more than America is wrong.

    How do you know whether he loves Israel or India or some other country more? What is your evidence?

    Friedman moved to India for a while in 2004 to write his book on "The World is Flat." Much of that book comes from the Indians he spent time with. He enjoyed his time in India.

    Vaa, I understand that Arabs are jealous of the spectacular success enjoyed by Brazilians, Chileans, Turks, Indians, Indonesians, Malaysians, Thais and Chinese. But being jealous and bitter will not improve the lives of Arabs. Only Arabs can make Arabs successful. It is similarly not helpful to blame Arab problems on foreigners or the international community.

    The world benefits from Arab success and wants to help Arabs succeed.

    On the Iranian nuclear weapons program, what country on earth is not opposed to an Iranian nuclear bomb.

    Personally I have no problems with Iran having nuclear program if Iranians run the Iranian government. But Iran is ruled by a cruel dictator, Khamenei.

    Khamenei is a fraudster. All the Shiite Marjas except for two regard him as illegitimate. On what scholarship are his claims of being a Marja based? On what islamic law is he allowed to be the absolute dictator of the Iranian nation? Where is Shiite scripture is the justification for the blasphemy of Vilayat-e Faqih?

    He is too unstable and irrational to be given nuclear weapons that he can use to oppress Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans and the world. Khamenei is a liar and a traitor. He has supported Al Qaeda and Taliban who have mass murdered Shiites, Iranians, Afghans and Iraqis while publicly denying it. In fact he pretends to be the best friend of Iraqis and Afghans while quietly plotting their murder.