Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The plot sickens on Florida justice

So the plot sickens on Florida justice with chock-a-block exposes of just how stinking rotten that system is. Turns out Florida state attorney Angela Corey, the Zimmerman prosecutor, was also the prosecutor of Marissa Alexander, the Black woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot into a wall to ward off assault by her violent husband.

Mark Geragos, the famed criminal defense attorney who is probably one of the few white legal experts commentating with any insight at all, has already accused Corey & the other state prosecutor of throwing the Zimmerman case. He now states the prosecutorial misconduct of Corey on both cases should get her disbarred. But why stop there!? Why not stand our ground & prosecute her & send her up the river with hard time!?

The sorriest part of all this is her impunity for these crimes; she’ll walk her ass away scot-free. “Life is not fair” is a mantra to console the wretched of the earth by the more privileged but for those on the short of the stick it’s always been more an inspiration to rebellion.

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