Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Egyptian generals mock the social revolution

The Egyptian generals, certainly in league with their benefactors in the Pentagon & CIA, are trying to mock the social revolution & they are doing so in a most dangerous way. The first act in their takeover of power was to go after the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), provoking them, arousing their massive opposition. Photojournalistic documentation indicates the MB have been aggressive & violent opponents. But of course a situation of such polarization creates a field day for agents provocateurs making a bad situation worse.

Now General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi who heads the military junta ruling Egypt has called for protests on Friday to give the military “a mandate to confront potential violence & terrorism" from the MB. The general’s call is backed by Tamarod, the movement taking all the credit for bringing millions into the street on June 30th which led to the removal of President Morsi. Tamarod say it’s the army & the people united against MB terrorism!

Tamarod (meaning rebellion in Arabic) was founded in April 2013 by five activists, including Mahmoud Badr, its official spokesperson. Badr is a political associate of Mohamed ElBaradei who has now taken his place within the military regime. Badr & ElBaradei both flanked General el-Sissi when he announced Morsi’s removal from power. It has forged alliance with the generals against the revolution so it is not too soon to say Tamarod has exhausted its political potential in the revolution & should be booted off the stage of history.

General el-Sissi is asking for a mandate to use extreme violence & repression against the MB. The relationship of forces is against the MB but that is no license to hunt them down or deny them basic democratic rights. Once again, the Egyptian democratic movement has proven over & over again it is capable of defending itself against the MB & the Egyptian military--& that is what the generals are afraid of. The generals, who just weeks ago were allies of the MB, are not allies of the Egyptian revolution but opponents & when they finish going after the MB will turn their tanks & arsenal on the revolution.

No US aid to Egypt! Down with the generals! Down with military dictatorship! And heave-ho to Tamarod!

(Photo of General el-Sissi from Egypt State TV/AP)

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