Saturday, July 27, 2013

Egyptian revolution in mortal danger

Although reports about how Egyptians responded to the military’s call for action against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) are still insufficient (it was in the hundreds of thousands), it is not too early to judge that the Egyptian democracy movement is in the gravest danger--primarily because too many continue to trust the generals rather than their own powers for social transformation. In over six decades of military rule & repression & violence the generals have proven themselves to be enemies of democracy. Who can ever forget General Mubarak or General Omar Suleiman with their torture chambers of horrors!? Who can ignore that Egyptian courts have not yet even brought Mubarak to justice? That the entire economic, judicial, legal systems are still run by Mubarak loyalists? And that the creepy torturer, Suleiman (now thankfully dead as a doornail) was even scary to his CIA trainers.

But in league with their benefactors in the US Pentagon & White House & CIA & those ignominious think tanks conspiring against revolution, the Egyptian generals are trying to outsmart the revolution & play its activists for fools. Democracy & revolution don’t mean diddly-squat if they only protect majority opinion & violently repress minority views--no matter how reprehensible those minority views may be & even if yesterday they ruled the roost in  Egypt.

Reports indicate the Egyptian military are now shooting live ammunition at MB protestors. Hundreds have been injured, many killed. Is this what the revolutions against Mubarak & Morsi fought for!? Not by a long shot!! Not in a pig’s eye! Those who stand with democracy & social transformation in Egypt stand against the military’s massacres of Muslim Brotherhood members--even if 30 million Egyptians disagree.

{And I know this why? Because I have been a minority point of view all my life--& believe I have a democratic right to express & promote my views no matter how few others agree!}

Here, an injured Egyptian supporter of Morsi is given medical aid by doctors in a field hospital after being attacked by riot cops in Cairo earlier today

(Photo by Ahmed Mahmud/AFP)

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