Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The people say guilty!

Mark Geragos, the famed celebrity criminal defense attorney, stated publicly he thinks the Zimmerman prosecution deliberately threw the trial & he gave reasons why he thought so. With a few exceptions of Black lawyers, most of the legal experts on the marathon talk-fests are as clueless as our hapless juror & deny any racism in the crime or the verdict. The interviews with the prosecution attorneys seem to confirm the judgement of Geragos even whilst they blame Florida law for their failings,

One thing out of all this blithering idiocy emerges quite clearly: justice for Trayvon Martin didn't stand a chance in that courtroom. And that's just as true for Black defendants all over this country--which is why the jails are filled with Blacks for minor offenses--many of whom are surely innocent even of misdemeanors & some jailed for crimes no more serious than picking their noses or scratching their asses in public.

That's what makes the on-going protests all over this country so glorious--showing that while the chattering classes are clueless, a majority of the Black community & a good share of the rest of us know the score. The thunderouse response to a verdict which legally sanctioned vigilante violence against Blacks is one of the most momentous civil rights actions of the past few decades. Out of this movement new, young Black leadership will emerge & that is a glorious prospect indeed!

(Photo of protest in Los Angeles by Robert Gauthier/LA Times)

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