Friday, July 26, 2013

Photos: Syrian refugees' camp in Jordan

The refugee camp first opened on July 28, 2012 to host Syrians fleeing the ongoing Syrian civil war:
The Zaatari Refugee Camp, near the Jordanian city of Mafraq, currently holds an estimated 120,000 Syrian refugees making it one of Jordan’s largest cities. The camp which opened on July 28, 2012 had a planned capacity of 60,000 people.

The Zaatari Refugee Camp holds roughly 120,000 Syrian refugees:
Some estimates put the population closer to 140,000 refugees, making it Jordan's fourth largest city:
Makeshift shops sell produce in the main thoroughfare as Syrian refugees go about their daily lives:

More than 500,000 Syrian refugges are currently in Jordan, according to The U.N. Refugee Agency .
About 60,000 of the camp’s residents are children, according to The Wall Street Journal :
Two boys looking at rubbish dumped in a ditch at the camp:

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  1. Everyone in this region wants the war to stop if only the US and its followers let it. But the US wants to punish Iran by destroying its ally; Syria. Even if the price is wiping out another few hundred thousand civilians as they did before in Iraq. Another beautiful country, another generation destroyed so that Israel can feel safe.