Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pepper-spraying cop suffers hurt feelings from international condemnation

John Pike, the UC Davis cop here pepper-spraying protestors deliberately in their faces (in November 2011) claims he suffered psychiatric damages as a result of the international opprobrium he faced & is seeking workers’ compensation from the state of California. We live in an Onion world!

UC Davis fired him in July 2012  after a task force investigation found his action “unwarranted.” Unwarranted!? What about criminal!? What about prosecuting his ass!? The real reason is likely that a civil lawsuit brought by the injured students cost the UC system $30,000 a pop for the 21 students & other protestors injured by Pike’s action.

If this bozo wins his claim every living dictator on the planet will be lining up in court to get compensated for their hurt feelings. Pike’s settlement conference is set for August 13th in Sacramento. Perhaps the California Department of Industrial Relations needs a few phone calls to goad them in the right direction.

(Photo by Wayne Tilcock/AP)

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