Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The birth of this Windsor kid doesn't amount to a hill of beans; the media barrage is however telling

You know the birth of this Windsor kid doesn't amount to a hill of beans but the relentless & merciless media barrage is quite telling & needs to be observed. What the hell is going on when they spend hours on the symbolism of KKKKaty's polka dot dress, the meaning of the kid's name, the fact that Willy wore rolled up sleeves while Chucky was in a button-up suit?

Let me give you my take on this crap: the oligarchs are trying to reverse history. Capitalism is headed into its barbaric phase & to save it they're trying to go back & relive the past, bypassing feudalism & heading straight back to slavery. And I'm only partially sardonic.

But essential to this process--wherever the hell they think they're going & wherever the hell we'll let them go--is teaching us deference, acculturating us once to again to bending the knee to social inequality, teaching us to fear & to fawn & to grovel.

The media talking heads got to their well-paid positions by kissing ass; such ignobility is good enough for them. It is not good enough for working people who deserve dignity & respect & equality.

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