Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Will Betty Windsor be deporting her "anus horribilis"?

Betty Windsor didn’t mean maybe when she called her husband Phil her “anus horribilis.” But does she have to dump him so cruelly!? She just gave a speech outlining her crackdown on freeloading immigrants where she said Britain "accepts people who will contribute & deters people who do not” & will give those immigrants limited access to health care & social services. Does that mean he’ll be on the next plane out?

And how far back does that immigrant thing go because if history serves us right, she’s not long off the boat herself from someplace in Transylvania. England we urge you to enforce those immigration laws beginning with the moochocracy itself. Kick their asses back to where they came from & you’ll have plenty of dough for the hard-working immigrants that have given class to your little island.

(Photo of Betty delivering her speech to the House of Lords while Chucky sits comatose but hoping she’ll croak & he can finally be king--by Toby Melville/AP/Pool)

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