Sunday, May 12, 2013

From the annals of the US Civil Rights Movement

From the annals of the US Civil Rights Movement: Bull Connor was Commissioner of Public Safety for Birmingham, Alabama with oversight of the fire & police departments. He became an international symbol of segregation & violence against Blacks when he initiated the use of water cannons & attack dogs against peaceful civil rights activists, including children.

Dannela Bryant, a civil rights activist said: "I was really, really involved. I didn't realize at the time how dangerous the situation was. The only thing I was concerned with was that I wanted my freedom, I wanted to be able to go where I wanted, like everyone else did."

The Civil Rights Movement remains today a beacon not only for the defiant spirit expressed in its anthem, “We shall not, we shall not be moved” but because it inspired & continues to educate freedom struggles around the world.

(Photo of Birmingham PD attacking protestors by Danny Lyons, a noted photojournalist of the movement)

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