Thursday, May 16, 2013

And another good reason they might hate us!

The US war against Iraq again provides a compelling answer to the question, “Why do they hate us?” Wasn’t it the Nazis who introduced tattooing numbers on Russian POWS & at Auschwitz & other extermination camps? The barbaric practice has always been seen as dehumanizing & ignominious.

But here (in March 2007) a US soldier is marking the back of an Iraqi man’s neck with numbers to denote his home & neighborhood location in a system designed to determine if people are moving around their own town of Qubah, Iraq in violation of a US military lockdown order after a US attack. Once again, it sounds like a damn good reason to hate.

US out of Iraq! US out of Afghanistan!

(Photo by Michael Kamber)


  1. But..don't they hate them for their "freedum"?

    1. Memorial Day is coming up in the US, tgia, where we ceremonially honor dead veterans. We'll hear that mantra until it's coming out our ears and it has as much relationship to reality as the Pentagon has to peace.