Thursday, May 30, 2013

The beloved goat

Goats are probably classified as livestock & not allowed in most urban areas but hands down, they have to be the most playful & delightful pets. And they don’t stink--much! Today they make videos of mischievous goats to show people with Alzheimer’s & their caretakers since the affects are so powerful & positive. The ancient peoples of the Middle East & Mediterranean are said to have had a special bond with goats. In fact tragedy in theater comes from the ancient Greek word for “he-goat” combined with the word for “song.” That art form began as stories & songs about the naughtiness of goats--which didn’t stop the practice of sacrificing goats in religious rituals (which continues to today).

There’s a moral in this history for the goats: when human beings are laughing at your antics, work it for all you’re worth. But when they pull out an altar & a knife, hightail it out of town!

This is a goat walking up the little guy’s back in New Delhi, India. Hopefully for the goat there are no holidays coming up.

(Photo by Altaf Qadri/AP)

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