Friday, May 24, 2013

Plunder has really gone far enough!

Globally the predatory oligarchs have targeted pensions & social securities to pay for their economic crisis.  In the US many pensioners are buying dog food (swill in a can) for themselves & scrounge for food after the exorbitant rents are paid. Many unable to afford rents are made homeless. Here elderly in Athens, Greece are scurrying like rats to collect free vegetables from a handout by striking street vendors.

This has really gone far enough! We paid little attention while they plundered other countries & thought it none of our affair. Now they’ve come for us. If we don’t get organized & join forces with brothers & sisters around the world to stop this plundering we’re going to end up back in the stone age--& not very far down the road!

It’s an inglorious sight to see elderly who’ve worked all their lives scrounging for the basic needs of life. We have the power through unity & solidarity to transform this world, to wrest it from the predators. It’s a monumental task but the Arab uprisings show the way. We need to learn from them, be inspired by them, study their victories & defeats, & not be daunted. We have nothing to lose but our chains!

(Photo by Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg)

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