Friday, May 24, 2013

KKKKaty steals the show at Betty's garden party

Betty Windsor held another garden party where Beefeaters in those foolish medieval getups stood stoically while sycophants (attired in tuxedos & those ghastly hats derived from horse track culture) tried to maintain an air of aristocracy while groveling & sniveling. It’s an art even the English aristoi can’t manage which explains their particularly constipated demeanors & the way their lips contort when they talk.

All eyes were on KKKKaty’s baby bump so as to ignore the matronly coat in canary yellow she wore to hide it. The designer coat cost £1,285 (which is a bundle in US dollars too) but fashion writers report she so brightened up a dull party it was worth cutting children’s disability benefits to pay for.

KKKKaty & the other aristoi aren’t known for their snappy patter or their clever repartee so the  most noteworthy thing that happened is that she was spotted resting her hands beneath her baby bump at one point. Like many pregnant women, she was probably trying to hold her pee but Buckingham doesn’t like to publicly acknowledge bodily functions in the moochocracy. They’re above that banality. But be assured they have a whole raft of others!

(Photo by Getty)

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