Thursday, May 9, 2013

Medievalism at Westminster

These are British nobles at the opening of Parliament--& a case of a photo being worth a thousand laughs. One of the great mysteries of life is how these bozos maintain feudalism & capitalism at the same time--& mama that is no mean feat since there probably isn’t a living brain cell between them. Brains atrophy when they’re only used at the horse track. Or is that what minions are for?

Yesterdays display of medieval pomp & idiocy must have cost a bundle. In the style so in fashion 600 years ago, Betty & Phil traveled from Buckingham in a separate horse drawn carriage from Chucky & Camilla--probably because they’re not on speaking terms--but you think they might have doubled up in one since they were going to announce an austerity bludgeoning of working people. They were accompanied by legions of Buckingham guards & mounted escorts & those Beefeaters were marching all over the place. A legion of unarmed Beefeaters carrying lanterns performed the ceremonial search of the cellars at Westminster looking for explosives, a ritual that goes back to 1605. Five-hundred years England has tolerated this nonsense! They couldn’t have hired a couple demolition guys to go in on Monday to save all this expense!?

The Beefeater boys carried in the Imperial State Crown which arrives on pillow in its own horse drawn carriage from the Tower of London. It’s got nearly 3,000 diamonds & hundreds of pearls, sapphires, emeralds, & rubies & is reportedly worth over a million bucks. Betty wore the damn thing while she laid out the austerity program for working people.

(Photo by Geoff Pugh/AFP/Getty Images)

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