Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year): Will God forgive?

Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks

Chief Rabbi, do you really believe that God will forgive the Jews if they don’t say sorry to the Palestinians and then play their necessary part in righting the wrong done?

Alan Hart
At the start of the Jewish New Year I have some questions for Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks. They are for him in particular because of what he said in a recorded message of preparation for the New Year, but they are also questions that could and should be asked of rabbis everywhere.
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  1. Sacks is a right-wing zionist with too much influence among British politicians. The title 'Lord' means that he is an unelected legislator in our parliament. I'm guessing the only thing he's sorry about is that there aren't many more dead Palestinians.
    I also believe - I'm open to correction - that the title 'Chief Rabbi' is meaningless. Only 40% of British Jews (if that many) recognise this bloke as anything more than one rabbi among many. 

  2. Are there any rabbis who aren't right wing?

  3. Good question, TG - I think a needle might be found should anyone care to comb the haystack, but rather than take up the task I'll accept your sweeping generalisation.