Monday, September 26, 2011

Map of countries that will support Palestine's UN bid for statehood this month.

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  1. Based on what evidence?
    Now that Libya has become the Republic of Natostan will its owners permit it to vote for Palestinian statehood?

  2. Where is this map from?

  3. It's from a Spanish website, but there is no accompanying text apart from the title as printed here.

  4. I'm guessing on some: is that Central African Republic, Djibouti, Eritrea and maybe Cameroon in Africa?  Also Western Sahara or whatecver the nation is that borders Morrocco.

    Also, I see a couple of gray specks in the south Pacific representing some perrenial US allies at the UN, and sadly it appears that a small portion of New Zealand is visable as an opponent.  And why does Finland have a problem with it?

    I also have to wonder why Myanmar would oppose, or are they not in the UN?

  5. Here:

    BTW, I reposted a map from a different site.

  6. The map posted now has more detailed information.