Saturday, September 10, 2011

Israel's 'Diplomatic Tsunami' Has Arrived, As Ambassadors Are Forced to Leave Turkey and Egypt

Protesters tear down a concrete wall built in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo September 9, 2011.

Tony Karon

As a raucous mob of protestors on Friday stormed past passive Egyptian policemen, breaching the wall around Israel's Cairo embassy and sacking the unsecured parts of the building, Israel turned for help to the Obama Administration. Looking to the U.S. to shield it from international opprobrium has become a familiar pattern for Israel in recent years, but the result was telling: President Obama got on the phone with the Egyptians and ensured a restoration of order that allowed the safe and orderly evacuation of the Israeli embassy. But nobody expects the ambassador, who flew home late Friday on an emergency flight, to return to Cairo any time soon. The best Washington was able to was to ameliorate the damage -- just as it had tried (but failed) to do amid mounting tensions between Israel and Turkey that led Ankara to expel Israel's ambassador last week. And, of course, the U.S. has also failed to bully or bribe the Palestinians into stopping their bid for recognition of statehood at the U.N. later this month in what would be an international vote of no-confidence in the U.S.-led peace process.

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  1. The dumbest comment of the day
    No not anan's
    "4.43pm: US blogger Daniel Serwer, who is in Cairo, reckons last night's violence at the Israeli embassy had more to do with discontent against Egypt's military rulers than Israel. He also suggests (see 11.12am post) that many of those protesting could be regarded as football hooligans."  Basically, I was expecting that they would soon call the protesters terrorists.  But when I read the New York Times today, I realized that they will settle on describing them as "football hooligans".  My Egyptian comrade who shared pictures of the protest with me yesterday (I posted them here) does not fit the New York Times' profile and this dumb description by this "US blogger"--whoever he is--because she holds a PhD from Oxford University and is a young academic.  But let us go along with the "US blogger"--whoever he is: so according to him the crowd was mad at the Military Council so they take it out on the Israeli embassy? Why not the Swedish embassy or Chinese embassy?  Secondly, let us say that they are "football hooligans": are they not Egyptians with rights? I mean, Zionist hooligans are so obvious when they are in denial and when they strive to twist and spin the news in way less damaging to Israel. (thanks Richard)

  2. <span><span><span>"The dumbest comment of the day"</span>    
    Clearly and obviously As'ad did not read any of anan's comments! Yesterday our resident cretin, banned now, was raising the hypothesis that those who acted to forbid Gaza children exhibition in the Bay area were actually leftists who were confusing Arabs with Jews! They thought they were boycotting Jews not Arabs because leftists are anti Semites! I'm not joking. Sick parrot!

  3. A sad case really , anan's whole universe orbit around the takfiris ,free market, Palestinians's PR (apparently he still hasn't fully understood it's occupied,and blame them for it ) , Jemmy . and now the left , whatever that means .
    For sanity's sake , keep him out this time.

  4. The Palestinians need to become rich so the Israelis become jealous of them. That's their problem! They aren't rich! Haha..