Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Decade of 9/11: war without end

The wars that have defined the last decade, better represent the actions of an Empire not a Republic, says scholar.
Mark Weisbrot

"Most of the victims of America's wars that are supposedly "against terror" have been civilians, and torture has also been deployed as a weapon. Civilians in Pakistan are killed on average every week in drone strikes, according to a recent report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and also regularly in Afghanistan in "night raids."

And sometimes they are just shot point blank, as in March 2006 when US soldiers reportedly executed at least 10 civilians, including a 70-year old woman and a 5-month old baby, and then called in an airstrike to bomb the house and cover it up. A recently discovered US diplomatic cable from Wikileaks provides evidence of this crime. Iraq veteran Ethan McCord says that killings of civilians by US forces was "standard operating procedure" while he was deployed there."
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  1. The Takfiri have been at war with Islam and humanity for over a millenia. The Takfiri need to be defeated.

    Don't worry, the Iraqi Army defeated them 2003-2008 in Iraq and drove them back to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, the Gulf and other places.

    Many muslims around the world are kicking Takfiri butt.