Friday, September 9, 2011

Egyptians break into Israeli embassy in Cairo

Protesters throw thousands of documents into the streets after breaching a security wall and replacing Israel's flag.
Egyptians protest outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo after tearing down a concrete protection wall nearby [EPA]

Israel's embassy in Cairo has been stormed by protesters who tore down one of the outer embassy walls and threw thousands of documents from the embassy's windows.

The angry Egyptians also replaced the neighbouring country's flag with their own after breaking in on Friday night.

The group had left a mass rally at nearby Tahrir Square, where organised protesters called for reforms by the military, which now governs Egypt.

"Thousands of documents were being thrown out of the windows, but it's unclear which floor they were coming from," our correspondent Sherine Tadros said.

"Indications are that it's pretty much a chaotic situation. Protesters set on fire two police vehicles."

Sources at the Egyptian interior ministry told Al Jazeera that up to 300 people had been injured as the result of clashes around the embassy, and one died of a heart attack.

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