Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Israeli journalist (Amira Hass) visiting Vancouver has tough words for home country

Israeli journalist Amira Hass. Handout photo.

VANCOUVER -- Amira Hass, a reporter and the daughter of Holocaust survivors, doesn’t pull any punches in her description of Israeli-Palestinian relations in the West Bank.

“You have a policy of ethnic cleansing in vast areas of the West Bank....It’s very open,” she said.

“You just go and count the number of people who are being driven out of their places where they lived for tens of years, if not more. And this goes without notice mostly, on the part of the Israelis,” she said, noting that there are some Israeli groups that are aware and are fighting against this practice.

“But it goes without notice of the general public and of course without the international media noticing. So that’s why I say I don’t need hidden information. I just need to write about what people don’t want to know.

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