Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A snapshot of an occupier's state of terror mind. Kids playing ball are arrested commando style!

If it's forbidden for kids to play ball in the street this can be "understood" (well hardly I should say! Where would they do if they're not allowed to build houses let alone playgrounds!), but what of this commando style arrest?!! Wouldn't have been easier to nuke them instead?
Also, this is Silwan, an exclusively Palestinian village in occupied East Jerusalem that the Israeli settler parasites have been successfully, working very hard to invade by stealing homes and claiming lands in it that they do not own.


  1. Israel has to be TERMINATED completly and uterly. Frankly I don't care how.

  2. <span>*Sigh* 
    What could one say or do facing such an eerie beast but reluctantly agree. There's immense suffering out there! This has to be STOPPED somehow!</span>

  3. The guest above is vaa

  4. This language has to stop. Israelis and Palestinians need to stop talking about terminating each other. What is wrong with the both of them?