Sunday, July 31, 2011

Afghan Civilians Pay Lethal Price for New Policy on Air Strikes

Reducing 'collateral damage' is seen as a 'secondary consideration' as the coalition prepares withdrawal

by Brian Brady
Afghan people stand near the bodies of civilians who were killed in an overnight raid in Matoon village on the outskirts of Khost in Matoon, Afghanistan, Thursday July 14, 2011. A local government official in eastern Afghanistan says NATO troops killed seven civilians in an overnight raid. Khost provincial council member, Gul Mohammad Zazi, says international troops stormed into Matoon village on the outskirts of Khost city around midnight and fired into the windows of houses. He says the dead were not connected to the insurgency. (AP Photo/Nishanuddin Ahingar)
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  1. Can I comment or not?

    Every night raid is a joint ANSF/ISAF raid or an ANSF only raid. ANSF + ISAF cause 13% of all violent deaths in Afghanistan. 5% ANSF. 8% ISAF. About 2% of all violent deaths in Afghanistan are caused by ISAF air strikes.

    Please talk and listen to Afghans. They have many complaints about ANSF and ISAF. This is not top of their list.

    Afghans also complain about Taliban/AQ causing about 87% of all violent deaths. They and the ANSF are extremely angry because they think Britain and other countries around the world are backing Taliban and Al Qaeda against them.

    I love Britain. But this is what Afghans believe.