Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hasbara gone mad, literally!

Free Gaza from Hamas, not from the Blockade

Here's some background information on this bizarre production in the Electronic Intifada:

On 30 June, a new Israeli video appeared on the internet which used satire to attack and misrepresent the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2. “Sex with the Psychologist” features a young woman seeking treatment for an unspecified but apparently traumatic problem. The psychologist performs a Rorschach test which causes her to tell a story of a young woman who has been abused and harassed.

The video appears to suggest that the woman – and by implication Israel – is the victim of some past sexual assault, and images – related to the flotilla – shown by the psychologist trigger renewed fears and anguish. In line with official Israeli messaging, the video presents the flotilla as a violent provocation, in this case apparently akin to sexual assault, and Israel as a vulnerable woman.

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  1. That was strange. Didn't understand anything. The young woman needs help though.

  2. Really senseless.   Wouldn't be surprised if it was paid for by a party in the US.