Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zionist violence isn’t violence at all, jokes our foreign Minister Kevin Rudd

"An editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald today that highlights an amazing recent comment by Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd showing the inherent racism of Western backers of Zionism: "Rudd made a distasteful joke about Menachem Begin carrying out ”some interior redesign” of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel – referring to a terrorist bombing in 1946 that killed 91 people. Has Rudd really has got it as a diplomat?"
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  1. A digression:
    To those that desperately hang on to the myth that America somehow manages to escape all the transgressions of the rest of the world while constituting the ideal "society" in which to live, there is this disquieting reality:

    I refer back to Hudson's interview:
     Right now they realize that the game is over. All they can do is try to play for a little more time, as long as they can, pay themselves bonuses, pay themselves stock options.
      And most of the money that the government was creating in the form of quantitative easing recently, it’s–all the $600 billion is reported to have gone abroad. So it’s going to the BRIC countries–Brazil, Russia, India, China–Third World countries, Malaysia.
      they’re buying foreign stocks, they’re buying foreign assets, they’re buying foreign real estate, mineral rights. They’re buying everything they can. The rats are jumping ship.
     You see, if you have enough money you can go anywhere. The wealthy know that patriotism is for suckers. That's why you don't see the sons of the elite on the front lines of wars. War is a racket, a profitable one for a select few, and paid with the blood of the poor.