Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Israeli ethnic cleansing surge: How many more Palestinian homes must be demolished before western governments act?

As Westerners busy themselves preparing for Christmas, Israel has accelerated its campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and within its own (non-declared) borders. Those familiar with the conduct of successive Israeli governments, right-and left-wing, will not be surprised. They have a long-standing reputation for using international diversions to advance their drive for lebensraum - living space - in Palestine.
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  1. It kind of looks like all of them.   I condemn my own (US) gov'ts allowing and sanctioning of this 63 or 64 year long land grab and speak against it, like that really helps.  Few here giver a damn, and most of those who do, at least with any influence, are pro zionist.

  2. <span>Buh..you're right but things are changing, slowly but steadily. Have you heard of the bus ad in Seattle? A vote system was put up to see if people agreed or not..The vote now is 65/35 in favor of the ad denouncing the US support for Israeli war crimes. One needs to be skeptical about such online polls but it's indicative. Usually the zionists manage to dominate and get the vote in their favor. Not this time.</span>

  3. <span>One needs to be skeptical about such online polls</span>
    I was curious to see how bulletproof is the voting process, since there is no log-in  , of course the only way is to try , to my lack of surprise I was able to vote twice and probably more if I tried , but i'm an honest person .I only vote twice.

  4. Yes, vaa. It's a BS poll. They could at least make sure the ip address wouldn't allow to vote twice..