Monday, December 27, 2010

Remnick (New Yorker Magazine) : I can't take the occupation anymore, Jesus!

Philip Weiss
Didi Remez at Coteret has picked up part of an interview in Hebrew at Yediot in which David Remnick, the editor of the New Yorker magazine, shows how intolerable the occupation is becoming to American Jews. Remnick echoes the theme of the liberal Zionists I cited the other day: they are flipped out by Netanyahu's intransigence and are getting ready to flip the bird to Israel: "Do you see a certain change in the US Jewish community? “A new generation of Jews is growing up in the US. Their relationship with Israel is becoming less patient and more problematic
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  1. “The US administration is trying out of good will to get a peace process moving and in return Israel lays out conditions like the release Jonathan Pollard. Sorry, it can’t go on this way. The  Jewish community is not just a nice breakfast at the Regency. You think it’s bad that a US President is trying to make an effort to promote peace? That’s what’s hurting your feelings? Give me a break, you’ve got bigger problems. A shopping list in exchange for a two month moratorium on settlement construction? Jesus [sic].

    Wonderful! From my own experience, I hear a lot of talk like this from more and more friends and co-workers.

  2. Tables turning, you think?