Monday, December 27, 2010

World Tired of Paying Bill for US Military

Michael Hudson: Major countries looking for alternatives to US dollar
Thanks Pitirre


  1. <span>Netanyahu: World starting to understand that Israel is not obstacle to Mideast peace  
    Can someone bright please please please explain this to me.  

  2. Quite interesting .
    <span>He Said it happens faster than you think,</span>
    <span> not quick enough for me</span>

  3. It reminds me of a 'caricature' that used to post here that claimed to speak for "all Americans".

    By the way, the following is intriguing:
    According to Joseph Tainter’s theory of imperial collapse, as societies become more complex, they must expend an ever greater portion of the energy they have available simply on maintaining their complexity. Although social and technological advances may achieve profitable returns for awhile, once a certain level of complexity is reached, diminishing returns set in. Eventually, at the late imperial stage, the complexity of the power structure, the military infrastructure, the bureaucracies, all the rents involved in maintaining an ever more bloated parasite class, their luxuries, the police state required to extract these rents and keep the productive people down, and the growing losses due to the response of the oppressed producers, everything from poor quality work to strikes to emigration or secession to rebellion, reaches a point where the system can only cannibalize itself and eventually collapse.

  4. "Meanwhile, a congressional watchdog group found in 2008, over 150 Members of Congress had $196 million collectively invested in defense contractors."