Thursday, December 30, 2010

WikiLeaks clones popping up in Europe and beyond

The perceived successes of WikiLeaks have catalyzed would-be whistle-blowers to launch their own crusades for transparency. The most recent is, launched by the Czech Pirate Party.
In the aftermath of the latest releases of information of secret documents by the infamous WikiLeaks, a crop of clones have popped up in Europe.
One has been seeded by ex-WikiLeaks staffers, others were simply inspired by the original, but all of them want to make a difference.
WikiLeaks clones include the forthcoming OpenLeaks in Germany, with former WikiLeaks staffer, Daniel Domscheit-Berg at the helm.
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  1. I couldn't open that site, but I came across this essay:

    It seems to take a different view of the whole Wiki-leaks thing. The author says that most of these documents are trivial, but they will be clogging up all the whistle blower sites for years to come instead of them publishing more urgent material. He adds that the mainstream meadia is likely to "bloviate" about the importance and risk of everything in order to get viewers. He also worries that Wikileaks is becoming the center of a personality cult and personal fiefdom of Assange.

    By the way, i looked around the site to see who put the essay out and it seems to also be a whistle blower site, offering to publish banned documents. I did a cursory search for stuff about Israel and there was something about how all the military and civilian radio waves are effecting bird migrations, but it was too technical for me to understand.

  2. Joe, I checked the url and it works for me..BTW, it's true that Assange is becoming a cult personality but that's unavoidable with some people. They want a guru.