Thursday, December 23, 2010

Professor Qumsiyyeh released talks about his detention and torture

"Three of us released after about 10 hours. Five others were kept overnight. Some will have to go to (unfair) trials where Colonial Israeli Judges and prosecutors execute their bureaucratic punishments with no real law other than apartheid racist laws that befit Jewish immigrants at the expense of native Palestinians."


  1. You can do me - a german pal-solidarity-activist - a favor - and point to the following resolution to promote BDS and a one-state-solution for germanies 
    pal. solidarity-movement.

    The resolution is here

    More about the conference in germany:

    The resolution was signed by Ali Abunimah, Haidar Eid,Ilan Pappe, Mazin Qumsiyeh and Lubna Massarwa, so you might consider to look into it.

    The more people support it - the better.


    The same comment was posted at palestinianpundit.

  2. Thank you IPK..I'm away from my computer right now but I will see for that as soon as possible.. :)

  3. <span>Hello IPK..I tried to access the link but document not found it says..  
    The other link is in German which to my frustration is still beyond the limited German I still remember of one year study only..</span>