Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Arab states preparing UN resolution against Israeli settlements

Israeli officials fear that Washington will not rush to exercise its veto power against such a resolution, which calls for international pressure for construction freeze.
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  1. Something going on here. First we have Ban Ki Moon, Washington's creature, talking about a freeze on settlements being a priority for the UN; then we have the 'Arab bloc' (whoever they are) preparing a resolution on freezing settlements.
    This in my opinion, is Obama flying a kite. He is showing Israel how much they depend on US favours, hoping that Netanyahu will stop treating him like the houseboy. He might take it to the line, but he will back down in the end.

  2. Sounds reasonable to me Jemmy..Let's see how much weight this whole business of Arab states getting together is going to affect the course of things.

  3. <span><span>Well, it's about time! The Arab states should have done this long ago! (They should also be the ones subsidizing the Palestinians.)
    Obviously, the best scenario would be for the U.S. to vote for the resolution, but I doubt that is a possibility. The next best thing would be for Obama to do nothing to discourage the resolution, and instruct Ambassador Rice to sit on her hands when it comes up for a vote. 

  4. vxa, the Arab states offered Israel a plan for peace resolution. It's called the Arab states peace initiative and was put on the table twice in recent years but Israel refused even to have a look at it.

  5. I know Tgia, but they must take ownership of the issue regardless of how Israel does or does not respond. This resolution on the settlements, should be followed up with total financial support for the Palestinians. For me, that is the test of whether or not they are serious about the Palestinian cause. It is one thing to sit back and make pronouncments, but then let the U.S. and the E.U. foot the bill. That's not serious leadership, and holds the Palestinians hostage to the U.S./Israel relationship.

    Next, they need to unite and sponsor a resolution that calls for the U.N. to conduct peace negotiations. The U.S. cannot be a fair mediator as things stand now.

  6. What is the Arab bloc? Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, et al. as one voice? Only on bombing Iran.