Sunday, December 19, 2010

An elderly woman allowed to return to Gaza after 62 years of exile apart from her husband and children!

GAZA, (PIC)-- Egyptian authorities allowed an elderly Palestinian woman to return to the Gaza Strip after she spent 62 years in exile in Jordan apart from her husband and children.

Ne’mah Mattar Khamees, in her eighties, was exiled in 1948 by the Israeli occupation to Jordan. She lived in Amman by herself as her husband Ezzat Abu Kwaik and six children remained in the Gaza Strip.

One of her daughters and one of her sons died without her having a chance of seeing them and she lived alone in Amman where she survived on charity and neighbours’ help. She suffered various illnesses and had a spinal fracture.

Her neighbours alerted the Red Cross which contacted the Egyptian authorities and asked for her to be allowed into the Gaza Strip.

The Red Cross met Mrs. Khamees at Cairo airport on Wednesday morning, and the Egyptian Red Crescent provided an ambulance and a doctor to accompany Mrs. Khamees to Al-Areesh, from where she was taken to the Rafah crossing on Thursday morning where she was met by her son Abdel Rahim who was denied her love since he a was a child.

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