Friday, March 15, 2013

The war on Black youth

There is a war on Black youth in the US--beginning with the resegregation of public education to railroading thousands into prisons for minor drug offenses to police brutality, including shooting them down in the streets. This is Fatimah Shakur speaking at a protest in Brooklyn, NY against the summary execution of 16-year-old Kimani "Kiki" Gray on Saturday night. Cops claim he pointed a gun at them but when it comes to conflict between cops & Black youth, only a fool would take the word of the cops.

The Civil Rights & Black Power movements scared the hell out of the US government. Black political power threatens oligarchic rule by demolishing the edifice of racist inequality & the repugnant ideology of “racial” differences that justify US foreign policy. The violence employed against Black youth is to destroy their morale & fighting spirit.

Under the guise of the war on drugs, the Bill of Rights has been long since shredded in the Black community. When people believed the slanderous propaganda against Black youth about narcoterrorism & did not come to their defense, the door was opened for a full scale assault on the Bill of Rights for all of us. Hence Obama’s NDAA, surveillance drones, debtor’s prisons, new legal rights to snoop on our email, & on our finances.

A resurgent civil rights movement is necessary & it is coming. And there is no question it will be led by the very youth this system tried to chew up.

(Photo by John Minchillo/AP)

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