Friday, March 15, 2013

One week before killing Palestinian dad, Israeli policeman stated wish on Facebook to slay Arabs

Translation of exchange between Maxim Vinogradov and a friend, who states “Exterminate Turkey and all the Arabs from the world.” Vinogradov replies : “I am with you, brother and with the help of God I will start this :)” to which friend responds, “Hehehe and you are capable of it. :)”
One week before he shot Palestinian motorist Ziad Jilani in the head at point blank range, Israeli border policeman Maxim Vinogradov expressed on Facebook his wish to kill Arabs and Turks. And on his profile on another social media site, Vinogradov identifies himself as belonging to the extreme right, expresses his love for violence, names “undocumented Arab workers” as his favorite sport, his hobbies as “hitting and destroying things,” and for the category of favorite food, he lists “Arabs.”
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