Thursday, March 14, 2013

No free passes for the Vatican

As an ex-nun & what is termed a “fallen away Catholic,” let me make my judgement on Pope Francis clear (whatever Roman numeral he is): the status quo of misogyny, homophobia, clerical celibacy, anti-human sexuality prevails. Women’s reproductive rights & human sexuality remain toast. The pope will remain Catholic! So even if he rides the subway to work, eschews living in a palatial estate, tips bellboys lavishly & talks humble pie, he maintains deep & odious political connections to not just misogynist proscriptions but brutal dictatorship in Argentina (as previous popes with connections to fascism in Germany & connections to US imperialism in Afghanistan, Iraq & Rwanda). Even if the guy says the Rosary (known as the hair shirt of Catholic youth) & ‘greets us like brothers,’ what about the females among us!? What about the political dissidents among us!? What about the Lutherans & Muslims among us!?

Beyond the pomp & propaganda, most people who pledge allegiance to Catholicism prefer to take direction from men not tainted by pedophilia or misogyny. It’s called the new Catholicism. It’s even called democracy. They love Jesus & Christian theology & respect others, including women & homosexuals; so they ignore papal edicts. The Papal conclave is incapable of grasping those distinctions. They’re actually incapable of grasping any social reality that doesn’t protect Vatican mythology & the billions in Vatican real estate holdings. Count me with the rebels of Catholicism--they’re now the overwhelming majority (even if it’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever kneel down to say the rosary again). I’m not being disrespectful of Catholicism. The demands made of every institution to choose between power & human rights are made of the Papacy. If it doesn’t measure up, it doesn’t measure up! There are no free passes for another rendition of the rosary.

(P.S. There’s a certain little radical current in England being demolished by their opposition to feminism & apologetics for rape. Take heed, companeros!)

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