Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Racism sells war

I don’t normally like to post photos of those who are grieving since it seems a disrespectful invasion of privacy. I make exception here to counter US racist propaganda used to justify every damn one of their wars. We’re told the Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghanis are “not like us.” They have no respect for human life, they’re not ready for democracy, they can’t get along without US occupation. Not just US soldiers but the public are fed a steady diet of this rubbish. Antiwar veterans have given wrenching testimony of finding out the hard way that it is recycled every war to justify abominations.

This is an Iraqi family mourning a death (we are not told whose) in 2004. Do they appear to you as bereft of respect for human life!? Bring the troops home now!

This is the poignant testimony of one antiwar Iraq War veteran at Winter Soldier 2007:

(Photo by Carolyn Cole/LA Times)

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