Friday, March 29, 2013

News round-up for Mar 29, 2013

News round-up for March 29, 2013:

Barbara Walters, better known as Baba Wawa, is expected to announce her retirement next year. Now she can finally stop pretending she’s a journalist & admit she’s a  gossip columnist (or is there no difference in US journalism!?). She can also come out of the closet as a right-winger with no particular party affiliation but an affinity for creeps like Henry Kissinger.

Just found out Dave Brubeck died last December. Has too much time passed for me to feel bereft?

Scientists are warning about massive bugs that give the “creepy-crawlies.” But they don’t understand the US Congress & politicians have inured us to repugnant slugs. Larval things don’t scare us anymore.

It didn’t take long for Chuck Hagel to throw egg in the face of those progressives who lobbied for his selection as US war minister because Zionists opposed him. As if one international serial killer was preferable to another! He claims the US is not menacing North Korea with B-52 bombers flying over the Korean peninsula; it’s just routine military exercises. Exactly! And they call the North Korean regime paranoid!?

These little North Korean girls singing their hearts out are not a threat to anyone & have a right to live free of US military threats against their country.

US hands off North Korea!

(Photographer to be identified)

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