Sunday, August 7, 2011

Palestinian man banished for 'harassing' settlers who stole his family's property!

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) 4 Aug -- Israeli authorities have banished a Palestinian native of Beit Safafa for allegedly harassing Jewish settlers who usurped the residence of close relatives. In a bizarre decision by the Israel Magistrates Court, Mohammed Salah, 47, was ordered to pack up from his family of ten and reside in Tarqumiya, south of Al-Khalil, for 90 days after allegedly 'humiliating' the settlers ... Salah added he was forced to pay fines as well as several bail bonds worth thousands of Israeli shekels. He said the settlers had seized a house that belonged to his father and brother on property owned by his family since the period of Jordanian rule. Before Salah was arrested, the settlers physically assaulted his wife and daughter and demolished a wall on his residence and began digging on his property to extend water and sewage lines, Salah said.
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