Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the settlers in Amos Oz words

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Photo: Nasser Shyoukhi
"A messianic junta, insular and cruel, a bunch of armed gangsters, criminals against humanity, sadists, pogromists and murderers that exited out of some dark corner of Judaism, from out of cellars of bestiality and order to cause a thirsty and insane blood worship to rule"


  1. For any adult to allow their children to do that sort of thing to anybody is truly disgusting.

  2. <span>As fathers (and mothers) as sons and daughters. Born to be depraved..

  3. <span>A good thing the army was there to ensure that the woman didn't commit some terrorist act, such as defending herself.</span>

  4. Many of the most pro Bibi partisans out there also hate the settlers. That is why they want to kick them out of Israel and push them into Palestine.

    While this eases the lives of Israelis, it is a great wrong to Palestinians.

  5. Thank you anan for teaching us about Israeli and how it works over there. What would stupid, ignorant, ill informed, brain-dead folk like us do without your enlightened insights.

  6. <span>"pro Bibi partisans out there also hate the settlers"</span>

    I'm sure they do..That's why reject Bibi's settlement policy! Dumbass!