Monday, August 15, 2011

Israel approves 277 new homes in West Bank settlement

Israeli tractors working at the construction site of 50 housing units in the West Bank settlement of Ariel

The Independent

Israel has approved the building of 277 apartments in the Jewish settlement deepest inside the West Bank, defying US criticism of continued construction on land the Palestinians claim for a state.

The planned construction in Ariel — the core of the settlement bloc farthest inside the West Bank — is the third project on disputed (disputed?!!) lands to be advanced in the past week.

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  1. My idea.

    Palestinian Authority can offer to sell the land for these apartments for $5 million each. That is $1,385 million in total.

    This money can be used to facilitate high technology business development and higher education.

    If the construction company attempts to nickel and dime the PA, the PA should call them out on it and accuse them of stealing by paying below market rates for valuable prime location real estate.

    This is what I would do. [Disclosure . . . I like high tech.]

  2. Don't you think Palestinians need this land, dimwit? Hundreds of thousands of refugees in the world waiting to come back to their lands, don't you think they need space, ya kharah?

  3. How stupid you must be in order to miss the point that those settlements (that you'd like Israel to pay for) are Jews only residential areas meant to condolidate the grip Israel is having on Palestinian life, society and culture. Those settlements have no other aim but to further judaisise the land and make it impossible for the Palestinians to have a contiguous viable territory. Is it any coincidence that they're built on hills that dominate Palestinian villages and fields? How much of a moron are you going to continue to be?

  4. Good grief, anan. That really is a dumb suggestion. These are not normal circumstances where business can be conducted between a seller and a buyer!!!!

  5. He doesn't believe there's occupation because on Michael Totten's blog no one believes there's one.