Thursday, August 11, 2011

Congressman: US ready to veto recognition bid

JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 10 Aug -- US representative Steny Hoyer said Wednesday that the Obama administration would use its veto at the UN Security Council if Palestinians move forward with a bid for recognition in September. Hoyer, the Democratic Whip of the House of Representatives, is in the region leading a congressional delegation sponsored by a pro-Israel lobby group, the AIPAC-backed America-Israel Education Foundation.
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  1. They are useless. The U.S. is in the midst of a severe financial crisis and guess what is off the table for cuts?

  2. I heard that some media are starting to ask questions now. What are those congressmen doing in Israel ( all costs paid by AIPAC) doing in Israel at a time when the country is in most need of them? Not sure how mainstream this questionning is, though?

  3. TGIA, many conservative Americans [Republican, Independent and Democrat] want to cut off aid to Israel. It is mainstream discource.

    Usually those who want to cut off aid to Israel couch it is pro Israeli language. Something like:

    "I AM ISRAEL. I LOVE ISRAEL. I LOVE israel so much that I want to strenghten Israel by ending the ridiculous aid that is keeping Israel down. As a great global power and global high tech center, Israel no longer needs aid."

    I have personally repeatedly made this arguement for many years. Agree with VZA that aid to Israel should be cut off.

  4. Yeah and we know how much you just LOVE Israel..

  5. The aid is not the mainly issue here. It's the firm grip the pro Israel lobby is having on your foreign policy.

  6. I keep saying that I "LOVE" Israel at Michael Totten and pro Israel blogs. But they don't believe me. They think I back Sayyed Nasrallah and Hamas against Israel. Don't understand why they think that?

  7. <span><span>"I keep saying that I "LOVE" Israel"</span>  
    Did you ever talk to a Palestinian you SOB? Did you ever ask what it means for him that you love Israel? Do you have a brain?</span>

  8. :( That was mean.

    Gandhi and Indians loved the British. Dalai Lama loves the Chinese. Tutu loved the Africaaners. Jesus taught to love thy enemy. This is the teaching of most of the world's major religions including Islam and all the eastern faiths.

    I openly say that I love Palestine and Israel. Both of them. If you condemn me for that then you condemn all organized religion. Is that your intent?

    Loving your enemy doesn't mean you don't fight them.

  9. <span>If you condemn me for that then you condemn all organized religion.</span>

    You know where you can stick up all organised religions, don't you? Yes, exactly there!!

  10. <span>That was mean.  </span>

    Yes it was..People that I loathe, the fake, the hypocrites, the preachers,  always bring the worst in me and that's the reason I want you to bugger off.